A frequently asked question is “what types of car insurance are there?” There’s comprehensive, collision, liability and more. All of these may have left you really confused. Yet you know that the insurance you choose greatly impacts your family’s financial security. This article aims to help you answer that question and pick the policy that is right for you.

First of all, your state probably has minimum liability insurance. This means that you are required by law to carry insurance for damage done to another person’s car or body in an accident. In some states, you can go to jail if you are in an accident and do not have this coverage. But do know that this kind of insurance only protects the other guy – your own vehicle’s damage comes out of your pocket.

Now you’re probably thinking what happens to your own car if you need to get it repaired or replaced. The answer is that you need collision coverage. This protects you if you are at fault in an accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage is the next kind of coverage we’ll talk about. If the accident isn’t your fault but the other guy doesn’t have liability insurance, uninsured motorist insurance protects you and gets you back on the road.

Finally, we need to talk about comprehensive coverage which protects you if a tree falls on your car in the middle of the night or if vandals smash up your windows. With comprehensive coverage, you are protected against all manner of damages which happen when you are not in the car.

Other kinds of car insurance that we won’t go into here include Work Loss, Gap insurance, Rental Car Reimbursement, Towing and Labor and Custom Parts and Equipment to just name a few.

Having car insurance is a very important part of your family’s financial strategy. I hope this article answered the question what types of car insurance are there?

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