There are many advantages to using a golf cart rather than walking between holes on the course. But, properly using one without bothering other golfers can be a challenge. Let’s examine some of the many benefits of using a cart, and how to be considerate when using one.

The greatest advantage of using a cart, of course, is that it eliminates the need to walk. There are push carts that are perfect for short distances and there are golf carts that you can sit in and drive. Golf courses are often quite large. Even if you’re in good shape, it’s easy to become fatigued if you have to carry your clubs and bags all over the course. A golf cart will help you conserve your energy for your golf game, and you can carry more equipment if you use a cart.

You’ll also be able to stay out of bad weather. For instance, if it’s more than about eighty degrees, you’ll find yourself getting tired and overheated if you walk. Take a cart and plenty of water to prevent problems from excessive heat, and stay in the shade instead. Driving a golf cart can help you avoid summer’s heat and spring and fall’s rains without a lot of trouble.

However, if you don’t often use a cart, you may have trouble remembering when to move it, or realizing how to drive it effectively. That could send you running back and forth and cause you to get in other golfers’ way, making the cart more trouble than it’s worth.

Take extra care when driving the cart on wet grass or damp ground, and make sure to avoid muddy areas. Many courses prohibit driving on the rough to minimize the impact on the course. If your partner is old enough to drive the cart and is sitting in the driver’s seat, assume that he or she will do the driving.

Come to agreement with your partner about who will move the cart. This will prevent you from leaving it behind and having to walk back to get it. Be considerate, and return to the cart path once you approach the green. Remember to bring the clubs you need with you, and make sure to bring your partner’s club if necessary. Remind your partner if you notice that facilities are nearby and you need to take a rest stop.

Decide ahead of time where you are going to put the cart, and park it where it can provide shade if there is no other source available. If you are driving and your partner’s ball is next up, pull up along the right side of the ball. Make sure the ball is located midway down the length of the cart so that your partner will have less distance to walk.

You should never drive the cart while other golfers are hitting, and most importantly, don’t move in front of them. When you park near the green, place the cart on the side where you’ll be exiting the green. If the ball is on a steep hill, park as close as you safely can, but avoid driving on the hill; this can be hazardous.

Know how close you are to the green by reading the distance or paying attention to shrubs and other landmarks, and estimate how far your stroke is likely to send the ball. If you don’t know what club you need, bring whichever ones you think may be necessary. This way you’ll avoid walking back and forth to and from the cart several times.

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