The 2009 Honda Element is rated considerably highly in the affordable compact SUV list. With a high quality build and coming from a company which is famous for customer service and decent quality products, this car is expected to be highly popular and successful.

It has undergone a complete redesign over the previous models and now has a particularly unique and original look to it. With a streamlined an aerodynamic appearance, it does not have the clunky appearance than many SUV cars have. It has a versatile cabin make for particularly eye catching and pretty unique design.

It also has comfortable accommodation is also a certain degree of sportiness which is a welcome change to the product line. There are some people say it doesn’t compare in this respect to some of its competitors, the car makes up for it in a number of other ways.

The performance is definitely quite good and it handles very smoothly. The engine has proven very popular with customers and reviewers alike, but some still say it has a fairly heavy feel that the acceleration can be a little sluggish. However, many people have some the car is great around the town and also performs well on the highway, with good aerodynamics and well thought out design.

Performance is perfectly acceptable as well but most importantly, it handles very smoothly and the engine has proven particularly impressive with customers and reviewers. Some say it can be a little clunky to handle, an exaggeration can be fairly sluggish, but all in all, this car still performs very well in the town and highways alike. It has a well thought out design with very adequate aerodynamics.

With regards to the aesthetic design, the exterior has undergone a complete overhaul, being something rather original and quite attractive to the cut. With various design differences, the interior is also considerably spacious and with configurable rear seating, it offers plenty of cargo options.

Reliability is also being paid a great deal of attention to. Honda has often been known for paying a high degree of attention to the liability. Usable and a wide variety of different situations and with a high degree of versatility, few people are likely to be disappointed with reliability factor of this car.

All round, this is a good car with a solid build and with an exceptional safety record, reasonable performance and high reliability, it makes a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable SUV.

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