When the time comes that your teen aged son or daughter is old enough to drive, you need to make sure that you get them the best lessons possible. Get them aa driving lessons and they’ll be ready to take on the road. Typically, teen aged drivers receive a learning permit before getting their permanent drivers license. Driving statistics cite that young drivers, especially boys are 75% more likely to have an automobile accident than an experienced driver.

Knowing this, it is of the utmost importance that your children be provided with the best possible instruction. Having a driver’s license should be treated as a gift, not a right. Many public schools have been forced to discontinue driver’s education training recently because of insurance costs. Parents must pay for private lessons to get their children the best instruction.

Upon entering driving lessons, students learn fundamental lessons about the hazards of teen driving. Many counties require a provisional license be obtained before an individual ever gets behind the wheel. For this reason, students must first learn the essentials of the road. You will begin with simple laws that everyone must know before driving. These laws and rules will be catered to your locale.

You will learn about lights and signals, right of way and stop sign procedures. You will learn about the different parts of the vehicle that you have control over and how to master these tools. You may have a mock automobile section in your classroom. This is a very valuable tool. This will allow you to get the true sense of getting behind the wheel without being out loose in the world.

Once you have passed preliminary exams that let your instructor know you are prepared to drive in real time, you will get on the road. You will be driving in a vehicle that has been specially equipped with dual driving controls. This is to provide protection to you, the instructor and the vehicle. In the event something goes wrong or the instructor thinks you need help, he/she will be able to take over immediately.

The first time you drive, you will most likely be in an instructional area. Driving in an instructional area will let you feel what the controls are like and become ready to use them. When you and your trainer feel you are prepared, you will be allowed to drive on the street.

It’s not uncommon to begin real driving in an area where there are not a lot of other drivers. Making sure that the driver is comfortable with the vehicle and the road first is very important. Once a driver reaches the stage that the instructor feels is suitable, the open road lessons begin. Classes usually consist of 20 hours of class time and 20 or more hours of drivers training.

When you have completed your on road and classroom instruction, your trainer will administer a test. This will prepare you for the actual tests that you’ll have to pass to get your license. You will usually have 3 attempts to pass your drivers test before having to go for more instruction. Listen well, be alert and you’ll do just fine.

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