This article explain the differences of the four major Vision X off road lighting beam patterns.

The Euro (Medium Beam) was designed to produce a very strong beam of light with wider coverage than the normal pattern. The Euro pattern can actually project its beam up to 1500 feet away, at a width of 250 feet! This pattern is made to illuminate the side of the road, making it much easier to see pedestrians and street signs while driving. To achieve this, the Euro lenses are angled slightly up and right, with a 15 degree angle.

The Flood (Wide Beam) is a much wider pattern than the Euro or Spot but has a significantly shorter reach. The width of the Flood pattern stretches up to 80 feet while it’s reach extends up to 60 feet. The Flood pattern is very good for dispersing light and lighting up larger amounts of space with just one bulb. The flood beam is considered a wide angle pattern with a width all the way to 80 feet and a reach of around 60 feet, with a 35 degree angle.

The Spot (Narrow Beam) is a very concentrated pattern that is very narrow yet very long. Coming in at up to 10 feet wide and a 1000 foot beam reach. This pattern produces more of an intense center spot to light up objects right while in front of you, while sacrificing useable side light. The Spot beam has an angle of 10 degrees.

The Elliptical is a fairly wide pattern, very like the Euro style, except it is the only non round beam pattern. This rectangular wide pattern measures in at 45 degrees wide and 15 degrees in height.

So to recap, the Flood beam is wide but short reach, the Spot beam is narrow but long reach, the Euro beam is between the two, and the Elliptical beam is the only non round beam style out of the four

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