US pricing for the base model will start at $49,900, although that’s only after you factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit. As Tesla notes, that’s the very same pricing that the company first promised way back when the car was unveiled in 2009, but it does come with a few trade-offs (more on that later). Opting for that base model will get you 40 kWh battery, along with 19-inch wheels and the 17-inch touchscreen that’s included on all models (complete with a number of connectivity options). The top of the line, ultra-premium “signature performance” edition of the Model S (which comes with the stuff listed below and some other niceties) will run you $97,900, and all of these prices are after that $7,500 electric car tax credit.

All-glass panoramic roof: +$1,500
Extra rear-facing trunk seats: +$1,500
Tech package with navigation system: +$3,750
Twin chargers and high power connector: +$2,700
85 kWh battery (300 mile range): +$20,000

Tesla Model S Sedan Now with Price and Specs - 01

Tesla Model S Sedan Now with Price and Specs - 02


via: teslamotors