When I was a teen, I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license, but I never thought about a Texas defensive driveng course or the consequences of my actions while on the road. After driveng for many years as an adult, you understand that a moving violation or car crash can be life-changing.

Helping teens understand the importance of driveng safety is a number one priority for parents. I know it’s difficult to get this message out there because many teens aren’t open to constructive criticism or parental guidance. As a responsible and loving parent, drive home the following tips before your teen gets behind the wheel.

Your friends can put peer pressure on you that will influence decisions that you might not otherwise make. For instance, you know that there are limitations on your license as an under-aged driver, but friends plant that idea that you are somehow exempt to the law. They might also plant the idea that it’s okay to drive while intoxicated on any number of illicit drugs, substances, or alcohol.

Even though bruises heal and the damages to your car have been repaired, this doesn’t mean that the consequences of your accident are over. The monetary consequences of car crashes can be devastating. If you don’t have enough insurance coverage, you may very well be sued or thrown into a debt cycle that can end in loss of property, a favorable credit rating, and even worse, bankruptcy.

And once you’ve addressed the financial implications of an accident, there’s even more. Negative points on your driveng record are also a nuisance. Insurance underwriters will use this information, and, when your policy is up for renewal, your price will skyrocket. I bet you didn’t factor all of this in when thinking about getting you drivers license.

These concerns are not raised to discourage you from getting behind the wheel; in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Our goal is to help you stay informed about the things that will affect your driveng privilege, and hopefully you’ll take them to heart. While a Texas defensive driveng course will help you avoid a tarnished driveng history, you must always consider other factors that affect your driveng privilege.

Now that you’ve considered more than just the freedom to drive, we wish you all the best on your upcoming driveng test. Don’t forget to get plenty of shut eye on the night before you test, and think positive when you’re on the road.

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