Latest electric car is to be created in Italy by the name Tazzari Zero. The Zero NEV is a lithium ion battery motorized car, capable of providing a range of 88 miles (141 km) with one charge. Zero have a top speed of 56 mph (90 km/hour), but the producer will limit it to 25-45 mph (40-72 km/hour). This is for the reason that in some states have speed limitations obligatory on such car.
Precise size for the two-door mini car are 2.88 metres for length, 1.55 metres width and 1.4 metres height.
For interior comfort features that are built-in are a radio/CD/MP3 player, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, fog lamps, LED tail lights, a detachable sunroof and 15-inch custom painted wheels.
ZERO will be accessible in the main European countries and as well North America in early 2010.
His price will be below 20,000 eur (26 954 $) building it a extremely good alternative to smart fortwo and other little city vehicles.

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