Some auctions get lots of of bids, but some go much more slowly, getting just a few bids and even none at all for days. Auctions are generally a lot slower during the summer season months than they are within the winter – and sales on e bay are slowing every year, as more sellers than buyers join, hoping to get rich quick. There are a variety of the way that you would be able to make the most of slower auctions to get the best price.

Wait to Bid-If you bid, then everyone can see you are interested and that might make them interested too. Leaving the item alone for as long as you can bear will make it look less popular, and keep the price down so you can come in at the last minute and get a bargain.

Make an Offer-If the seller is promoting an item using ‘Buy it Now’ and it still hasn’t bought when the auction is about to end, use e bay’s ‘Greatest Supply’ service to make them an offer on it. The probabilities are they have listed the item or thrice earlier than, and so they’ll be so aggravated on the prospect of re listing it but once more that they are going to accept your offer just to get rid of the thing.

Conspire with Other Buyers-You might not have thought of this, but if there are two auctions for the same item and only you and one other buyer are bidding, why not get together and work out a ‘you take this one and I’ll take that one’ deal? This avoids you raising the price on both auctions just to get one each. If you make a few friends, you can even work together on auctions long term, taking it in turns to bid.

Be Snobbish-Send the seller emails asking questions in regards to the situation of the item, and making it very clear that you are a discerning purchaser and can solely settle for issues of the best quality. This may make them feel better about selling you their merchandise for less.

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