The rugged and useful 2004 Chevy Colorado has the genes of its predecessor, the Chevy S10, running through its veins though a casual comparison of the two side-by-side would reveal almost no resemblance between the two midsize pickup trucks. This useful and stylish pickup truck made its debut in 2004 was the result of a joint design effort taking place between parent company General Motors’ United States division and GM’s Brazil operations.

Being built in one of two plants, the Chevy Colorado sold for use in the United States mainly comes out of the Shreveport Louisiana assembly facility. The truck presents itself with one of two transmission styles; automatic or manual. These two transmissions will made up with a number of different engines.

Recognizing the fuel economy will be important to many people in these challenging times, General Motors and Chevrolet manufacture engine sizes running from large in-line four-cylinder power plants all the way up to a 5. 3 L V-8 that can really put some power down to all four wheels. As far as manual transmissions go, the standard package consists of a five speed, while a four speed automatic is also available.

The 2004 Chevrolet Colorado can be found in a couple of different cab styles, the two most common being a regular two-door and an extended version that has a small backseat in the rear. There are a number of different options offerings in both the two wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.

The four-wheel drive package — commonly known as the Z71 — offers a lot of equipment for a relatively small amount of money. The pickup truck has been a strong seller, which is partly due to its very attractive design and the range of engines offered, one of which is an in-line five cylinder which seems to bridge the gap between four-cylinder performance and eight cylinder performance that is just a little hungry for gasoline.

As is the case with most vehicles offered in the Chevy lineup option offerings are usually lumped into a couple of different categories normally known as the LS and LT versions. Historically, the most fully equipped models of 2004 Chevy Colorado pickup trucks will have the LT2 equipment package. Chevrolet really proved that it was serious about bringing out a nice truck for its fans

As a truck, the 2004 Chevy Colorado picked up the baton from the old S10 quite ably. It served to move Chevy trucks into a new era of reliability, attractiveness and even facility at being good at using the minimum amount of gas for the maximum amount of performance.

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