In order to convey the correct image of professionalism, it is important for a companies executives to drive presentable and smart new cars, when a companies executive arrives at a business meeting, the sort of car he or she is driving will actually have a profound effect on the image that is projected regarding your company, and therefore will actually indirectly influence your chances of gaining the contract in question. Smart business owners understand this fact, and the importance of conveying a strong and dependable corporate image.

There are of course other issues that are equally important when you are ordering a new car for your business, one thing that you will need to consider would be the usage of the car, for example do you need a large boot or estate car so that you are able to fit samples or other equipment into the vehicle? Are you likely to need a four wheel drive vehicle to reach remote locations? If you are situated in the Scottish highlands for example then a 4×4 may well be a necessity rather than an optional luxury.

Instead of choosing to purchase their fleet cars outright, many more astute businesses source their vehicles via contract hire car leasing, this means that they don’t have to worry about selling the cars after a couple of years, and that they know exactly what the fleet vehicles will cost them on a monthly basis. Because they get the leased cars replaced every few years, the manufacturers guarantee protects them from having to pay any repair bills whatsoever.

Don’t think for a minute that leasing your car will mean that limitations are imposed regarding what say you have in the cars specification, in fact the opposite is generally true. Most dealerships can only offer one make of car, whereby a leasing firm can provide any make, also most leasing companies will allow you to specify the precise specifications of the vehicle they will source for you. You get to decide everything from engine size and fuel type, right down to what colour stitching you want on your leather seats in some cases.

Leasing is becoming far more prevalent with private individuals as well as business customers. The low initial outlay makes contract hire a very attractive proposition when compared to the hassle of taking out a finance agreement. It means immediate access to a prestigious top of the range car, but without the customary debt placed on your shoulders that the more traditional car finance would mean.

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