Electric Power (Lithium Storage) control and life support systems with an recharging umbilical cable. Between 10m – 15m long / 3m – 5m high / 2m – 4m wide. Fours Wheels or Tracks or a combination will propel the vehicle on the sea floor. One rear and at least two side propulsion devices will move the vehicle in mid-water. No waste will be allowed to leave the vehicle

The Pathfinder will have a support vessel or control command centre at the surface. The support vessel will have an emergency ROV to help recover the Pathfinder if required and will provide critical power and life support systems to the Pathfinder by steering the recharging umbilical cable. The support vessel will track and monitor all activities 24/7 of the Pathfinder.

Submarine with Tank - 01

Submarine with Tank - 02

Submarine with Tank - 03

Submarine with Tank - 04

Submarine with Tank - 05

Submarine with Tank - 06


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