by Abel Allen

Chevrolet states in its latest advertising campaigns that it is “A Legacy Built On Dependability.” This is so true when you consider the Chevy truck. In 2008, Chevy introduced three new truck models to the world. The 3 models: Silverado, Avalanche and Colorado, have each in its own class shared the distinction of being the top-dog. Toughness is a big part of that. Check out Chevy auto parts online to see what is available.

Silverado’s rock-solid chassis makes it a favorite choice of country tough guys. When you have to travel the bumpiest dirt roads in America with a large load in the bed, you want something that can get the job done. Chevy owners are the most confident and content truck owners in the world. This Chevy truck is packed with excellent features such as plush seats, power steering, and a huge towing capacity. With the technology under the hood to make it the industry leader, the Silverado’s powerful 6.6L V8 Turbo diesel can definitely haul the biggest loads in rough terrain or miles down the longest interstate highway. Cargo handling in extended cab models is made easy with rear cab doors having 170-degree access.

For guys who love sporty vehicles, you can’t beat the versatility of the Chevy Avalanche. What sportier truck enthusiasts love about it is that it is so flexible. Most obvious is the innovative system to make the truck bed longer. What happens is that the rear seats fold down, rear glass removes, and the midgate system drops down. Essentially it turns it from a crew cab short bed to a two door long bed pickup. As you let down the midgate, the removable wall that separates the cabin from the bed, you will find that there is plenty of room for storage. You could even sleep there if you needed. Talk about a truck bed! For this reason, you will discover that the Avalanche is really an outdoor adventure vehicle ready to take you to mother nature’s doorstep. Mountaineers will love it, because they can put two tents in the truck bed without having to pitch a base camp tent.

The new breed of Chevy truck can save the consumer money while also providing outstanding performance. The Chevy Colorado is now using a smaller 3.5L engine and still packing a nice punch. As a model co-developed with the Japanese manufacturer Isuzu, this pick-up truck has all the much sought after features such as durability, flexibility, comfort and power all rolled into one.

Trucks usually haul cargo in long trips so Chevrolet also made entertainment and information connectivity a top priority for new truck owners. Equipped with CD/MP3 entertainment and state-of-the-art Radio Data System compatible radio systems, Chevy outdoes itself. The latest Avalanche model offers blue tooth, navigation radio, XM satellite, and OnStar. Everything you need to stay connected to the world.

Most of Chevy models now use General Motor’s patented Active Fuel Management technology. This innovative technology switches the engine from 8 cylinder to a more fuel efficient 4 cylinder mode for times when there is not much need for lots of power. The truck’s on-board computer does everything automatically as you drive to switch between the modes.

Chevrolet let the world know that it was dedicated to changing the status quo when it came to environmental issues and their trucks. They incorporated the latest E85 ethanol blended fuel technology into their latest truck models. There are many benefits to burning ethanol. Ethanol mix E85 is a cleaner burning fuel that releases less green house gases into the environment. It is important that automobile companies like Chevrolet puts the tools in the hands of consumers to use the latest ethanol fuel mixes for the sake of climate change.

Fact is, trucks can be tough, comfortable, and environmentally friendly…all at the same time! Chevy proves this to the public year in and year out. If you don’t have a new Chevy truck, with cash for clunkers being popular, the time is right to try out the latest innovations in truck technology. Being tough and being smart are not different things, when it comes to buying a Chevy truck, they go hand in hand. Consider the new features and how it can improve your life… once you do that, you will be holding the keys to a new Chevy truck.

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