Your automobile is as good as a hard chunk of metal without having its batteries. It is important for every car owner to check if the auto batteries are in perfect condition before she travels anywhere. Nonetheless just like the other automotive parts that are invisible from sight, nearly all drivers are not aware how to do the maintenance for the batteries.

On the average, your auto’s battery life lasts anywhere between three to four years. To optimize its usage, do not forget the following tips.

If you could not recall to my mind when you last got your battery, take the time to dig up the details. Batteries go with labels that would reveal its age. Checking it can be just a little tricky for the inexperienced as it is basically a 2 alphanumeric combo in which the letter assumes a certain month and the number signifies the year. January is symbolized by letter “A” and November is represented by letter “K.” December, nonetheless, is not symbolized by the letter “L” but rather by “M.” The numbers are pretty easy as it basically means the year. Zero is for year 2000 and 10 means twenty-oh-ten. Put differently, A09 will be January 2009. Consult your seller for the forecasted life span of your auto’s batteries.

Inspect your batteries for any hint of deterioration in the battery terminals, battery top or cables. The instant you observe any, you must grab yourself a new battery. So before this comes about, have a technician from any of the San Francisco Auto Repair shops clear your battery terminals-this will prevent corrosion from developing. Take note of any wobbly cables, alternator belt and battery brackets while checking out your batteries. You ought to have these changed right away as ruined alternator belts put added pressure on the batteries to power the entire electrical system of the car. Shaky brackets give you wobbly batteries that can very easily be ruined. Drive belts also need to be checked considering that if it is broken it could keep the batteries from charging appropriately.

Yet another trick is to ensure you have switched off all electronic equipment just like the parking lights, headlights, interior lights, stereo and air conditioning/heater before you switch off your car’s engine. Forgetting to turn these devices off before you turn off your engine will make you prone to forgetting to switch it off at all. This is one trouble-free way to deplete your car’s battery and may bring about electrical system damage when you switch on your auto’s engine next time.

If you are not using your car or truck for a period of about 7 days, make sure to flip the engine for two minutes every day. This tip will always keep your batteries from going inactive. Not turning on your auto’s engine for long term periods of time may trigger it not to start when you want to use it as a consequence of dead batteries.

The last trick is to always park your car or truck inside the garage or any secured area. Whenever the temperature is wicked cold, do not abandon your vehicle out in the open. As an added safety measure, have a couple of jump cables in your car’s tool box in case there is a need to jump start your car or truck.

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