Although we always hope that we remain accident free, especially while driving a rental car, there are a few things we should always keep in mind. Even if you never want to use the information that I am giving to you today, it is important to read through it so that you know what to do, before and after the accident takes place.

To start make sure that you are insured when renting your vehicle. While your credit card company and your car insurance policy may cover any issues that may arise, it is good to find out this information in advance. Then, it is always a wise investment to take the additional insurance offered to you by the car rental agency. Usually you can do this for as little as $10 per day, but it can really help make the process a much smoother one.

As soon as the accident occurs, call the police first to file an incident report. You should do this from where ever you are at the time of the accident and try to leave the vehicle in the position it was in when it was hit. Then call the rental car agency and report the accident. Do not admit any liability for the accident to the car rental company and do not offer to pay or settle the incident without the consent of the company themselves.

All relevant information should be copied and handed to the rental company. Repair receipts, police reports and all other documents that you have collected, due to the accident, need to be handed over. You will also want to keep an open communication with the rental company and provide them with any information that they may require in order to settle their claim.

Your insurance company and credit card company also need to be notified, if you are relying on the coverage that they are providing. These companies will also require all the documentation that was accumulated due to the accident. You will also want to stay in communication with all companies so that you are aware of bills that you will be responsible for.

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