Having spherical wheels allows the bike to move in any direction instantaneously.The Spherical Drive System (SDS) motorcycle is self-balancing, and even when stationary will keep both the bike and rider shiny side up.

Unlike the Segway however, the Spherical Drive System motorcycle doesn’t rely on a mechanical gyro. Instead it uses data from MEMS gyroscopic sensor technology and an onboard accelerometer to electronically control balance.

The rider uses both the handlebars and their body position to control direction, while a throttle provides thrust. But in addition the bike also features a set of joysticks that allow for additional maneuvers like moving sideways, reversing or rotating on the spot.

Powering the Spherical Drive System motorcycle is an electric drivetrain which uses two motors per wheel to get the omnidirectional control necessary for movement and balance.

Theoretically its designers say the bike should be capable of around 60 mph (100 km/h) when finished. The Spherical Drive System motorcycle is built around a stainless steel frame featuring Fox Racing suspension.