The Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is semi-autonomous, which means that it is controlled by a human operator sitting up in the warmth and security of an indoor control station. It does have an automated collision avoidance system, so even if the operator is taking a nap or grabbing some coffee, it isn’t going to slam into some priceless jet.

The UGV comes equipped with both daytime and night vision cameras to help spot the feathered jet engine pluggers, and it can scare off the birds using either a bunch of loud sound generators or its laser light show. The lasers have a range of a little over a mile to help deal with any birds that are out of acoustic range.

According to KBS news, there have been more than 460 bird strikes over the last five years in South Korea. The designers claim the UGV is 20 percent more effective than other systems at combating the problem.

South Korea Bird Strike Defense Robot - 01