by Matt Meeano

Over twenty years ago, the United States developed a system of satellites circling the globe in order to help its military navigate the globe with accuracy. With multiple satellites in geo-synchronous orbit, units on land and sea can quickly get an accurate location and also a glimpse at the surrounding terrain.

GPS can establish your location by sending a signal from the satellite and then when it is received the signal is relayed back to the satellite. The position of the GPS receiver is then established and recorded.

The most used GPS system is the Car GPS device. This is a fantastic device that will calculate the route from wherever your present position is, to the desired end point. All you will need to know is the address, or place name if it is a stadium or other point of interest. After this information is loaded into the device, it will perform course calculations and graphically display directions to your destination. If you need to deviate from the planned course, for a rest stop or restaurant, the GPS device will quickly recalculate the new coordinates and map out a revised route. Another nice option on some of the newer models is the ability to hear voice commands. The voice feature allows drivers to remain focused on the road in order to minimize accidents.

Manufacturers have taken the last two decades to produce ever smaller GPS devices so their use can become more widespread. Technology has improved so much that the GPS receivers can be inserted into articles of clothing as well as other common conumer items such as cellphones, watches and shoes.

Because GPS has become smaller and the receivers and satellites are in constant contact, GPS tracking services have sprung up in recent years. These services give parents peace of mind by allowing them to know where their child is at all times. All the parent needs to do is place the GPS on the child and then monitor their child’s whereabouts on the service’s website.

Wonder why almsot every car is equipped with an in-dash or on-dash GPS system? It is because the GPS units are becoming less expensive at the same time their use is more desired by the population. The result is that more people recognize the value and peace of mind that these devices can bring to their lives.

For car GPS, you can go one of two ways when buying a new car. If it is an option to get the GPS system built in this is most desirable. The other option is to buy a car GPS unit and place it on your dashboard and reove it each time you leave your car. Either way you go, you will be happy you added GPS to your life.

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