Buying a boat of any shape and size is probably going to be the second biggest purchase on a single item in your life and it is important to look at some basic points to ensure total peace of mind on your investment before handing over any money. This article breifly looks at some important factors to consider when looking to buy boats.

– Do the dealers have a good reputation and history and are they fully recognized by the boat manufacturer?

– If purchasing do you have a valid contract between each party?

– Ensure that you know exactly what is included in the sale. For a second hand sale, get a list written of all that is included in the sale. For new boats find out what are extras and what is included in the price.

– When buying a used boat, make sure that your offer is subject to a survey and possibly a sea trial.

– When buying on finance, ask if the lenders are responsible for boat registration or you are. Also when will you need to insure the boat from?

– Ensure that the final price is fixed and agreed and then set a date and time for deposits or payments.

– Does the current owner have all of the valid ownership documents for the used boat?

– Ensure that a delivery date has been set.

Remember that the purchase cost is only part of the overall cost of your new boat. Running costs can also be costly and sould also be taken into consideration. Here are some examples:

Taxes; Survey; Insurance; Trailer; Storage; Docking or mooring fees; Fuel; Boat and trailer registration; Maintenance; Equipment (fire extinguishers, flares, life jackets etc).

That concludes the basics of what to look for and think about when looking to buy boats. There are many options, costs and other factors to consider when choosing a boat whether new or used but if you include the above your chances of buying a good one with a smooth sale will be improved.

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