Wintertime driving can be more than challenging and even downright dangerous. Now before the cold winter descends on us from Canada preparation for the driving conditions that await us in the snow and ice are in order. Prepare your vehicle – be it auto, car, truck or SUV now. It pays to work ahead. Why wait for spring or in this case winter-time cold weather driving .

Wintertime driving conditions in many parts of the country call for special tires , sometimes chains to pull in snow and ice – as well as to stop in both a short distance safely. Without question, snow tires increase traction for both pulling and stopping on both ice and snow. There are two reasons at least for this – the deep groves and the much larger tyre footprint areas. On ice and packed snow this larger “footprint” often means much more than any differences in tread design and designs. That being said winter-time tire studs, although once very popular, are now relatively uncommon among seasonal drivers, due to their destructive effects on roads and highways and are not legal in many precincts. Check with your local highway department.

One point to note and remember – winter tires , can be noisy on dry pavement – never mind the clicking sound emanating from studded tires at high traffic speeds. On the other side of the road so to speak – the nosier the tread design or designs the overall better performance on the roadway by your wintertime tires in the snow. Compromise to reduce noise also reduces tire and vehicle pulling power in loose snow and mud driving conditions. All in all it can be said by auto service and vehicle safety experts , that full-circle , welded-lug chains provide several times more pulling power than even the most highly rated , and expensive snow tires , but are of course a lot less convenient and even unsightly for automobile owners and motorists.

In terms of tire” studs” as mentioned earlier that due to their destructive affect on highways and roads many locales do not allow the use of studs or “studded wintertime tires” on their roadways. Note though that if allowed in your driving areas – that on both packed snow and ice these devices work very well at reducing stopping distances.

In terms of tire chains the experts state that all considered that the welded lug types are the best type to purchase and choose if you do install and use the chains often. This can well be the case if you live in an area of the Rocky Mountains or are planning a ski trip to Banff , Lake Louise or Montana. Consider also the the overall convenience to motorists of chains involved for simple , simpler and easy to install alternate models, These models are a very good choice for the driving demands of many drivers and motorists that can easily and simply be installed without jacking up or moving your vehicle – be it truck, car or S.U.V..

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