As is probably pretty clear from the name, slam locks are a type of vehicle locking product that lock the doors automatically when they’re closed. Because they lock the doors automatically on closing, it means that this is no longer down to whether the driver remembers to or not.

Cargo crime is a major problem, particularly in Europe where the EU estimates that it costs businesses on the continent around eight and a half billion Euros a year. It’s quite often the work of organised criminal gangs who know the logistics and freight routes well.

Logistics vehicles are rather an attractive target for criminals. Not only are they road vehicles, making them much easier to access than ships or trains, but the drivers are often on long distance journeys involving frequent stops, rests and even overnight sleeps in their vehicle. This makes them a particularly easy target comparatively speaking. And of course, the major draw is that they carry large quantities of valuable goods, anything from electrical to clothing. This means a potentially large financial gain for criminals making those vehicles their target.

Because a slam lock forces the door to lock every single time a driver closes it, the human error element can be removed. There are countless instances of cargo crime offences that take place when a driver simply forgets to lock his door when leaving the vehicle at services etc.

However, these are just one example of vehicle security products specifically designed for the fight against cargo crime. Any vehicle that will be used in road journeys for transporting goods should have a high end locking system in place, as a bear minimum measure.

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