Skyway is a first-response, conceptual air ambulance capable of vertical take off & landing. When a patient suffers from a medical injury or condition, Skyway is used to carry its trained pilot/paramedic to the location of a patient. Once onsite, the paramedic can treat, stabilise & stretcher the patient, then transport them to a hospital for further care. Aircraft in general are limited in availability due to their cost, complexity & maintenance demands and do not offer the same point of care flexibility a stretchered road ambulance provides. Conversely, road ambulances appear in greater numbers but are often too slow to respond due to road and traffic congestion.

Skyway - VTOL Jets as Air Ambulance - 01

Skyway - VTOL Jets as Air Ambulance - 02

Skyway - VTOL Jets as Air Ambulance - 03

via: yankodesign