Do you think size matters? Any women travelling around the world will answer, yes, size matters. But realistically, the size of your rental car only matters if you have underestimated how much room you require in the hire car. As long as you take into consideration the number of passengers travelling along with the amount of room needed for luggage, then you should be fine.

When considering the room for luggage, remember that most holidaymakers only have their luggage in the vehicle for a limited time. Meaning they arrive at the airport and drive straight to their accommodation. This means that booking a rental car with heaps of luggage space may not be necessary. Of course the drive to your accommodation maybe a little bit tight and the passengers may need to hold some luggage, but the money you can save can then goes towards other holiday activities.

If you are planning a holiday that entails long drives with passengers and baggage, you may need to consider the amount of luggage that you are taking. You can save space on baggage by rolling your garments, as they will fit more efficiently. Also, if you use soft cases you will find when arranging the cases into the boot you have more leeway.

Make sure you plan ahead so you know exactly what size car you will need. The two points to consider are the number of passengers and the amount of luggage. You may also be able to add a luggage trailer to your booking, but this would have to be done before arrival as some agents have limited numbers and in some cases do not offer trailers at all.

Whatever car you require, make sure you have considered the above information. Small cars are fantastic and generally cheaper, but if you are not going to be comfortable in a small car then pay the extra money to ensure you have a better holiday. If you are traveling with children, please ensure you are fully aware of the car rental that you will receive. Remember that most small cars may only be 3 door hatches and the kids would then have to climb through to the back.

If you remember these tips you will be able to find a suitable rental car in no time, and remember that size does matter!

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