Not everyone is cut out for automotive tasks, but there are a few task that may be easy for anyone to complete. Every level of experience for car repairs is addressed in several different manuals whether online, or in a book. Minor work can help keep a car maintained without requiring the expense of going into the shop for a service, but regular servicing entered in the service record by a certified mechanic will improve the resale value of the car.

In order to reduce the amount of service that is performed on a car routinely, it is important that owners participate in a few DIY projects that are small and simple but vital to the car’s health.

Upkeep of windshield wipers, oil, brake fluids and water levels are important to having a healthy running car and are easy tasks that can be learned and done by the owner of almost any car.

A long running cooling system is dependent upon radiator flushes to remove or prevent the build up of corrosion. A radiator flush is easy to do at home and all that is required is a good quality ‘radiator flush’ product and a hose.

Easily learned tasks are changing brake pads and discs. Pad replacements can be pinpointed by how much pressure you have to apply before your car stops, or a squeaking sound your car makes every time you brake. An assortment of brands and parts are offered at different automotive shops.

Sometimes ABS sensors can be triggered by dust and dirt. Once they’ve been located, it’s a simple matter of wiping them clean. Often this simple job prevents an expensive trip to the repair shop. Take the car into a dealership or shop to check the performance of the car after a maintenance light turns on.

Improving fuel efficiency, car performance, and the prevention of costly affairs are easy to do by the replacement of fuel and air filters. In conclusion to changing air and fuel filters, it is important to have common knowledge about the tools being used.

Changing the oil regularly means draining all existing oil out of the sump, then replacing it with new clean oil. Cleaning the engine is made easy through an oil change.

When performing maintenance tasks that require working under the car, secure the car with bricks or rocks behind the tires so it cannot roll. A skateboard works as well as the sliders used in the shop, just make sure it is low enough. Otherwise a rubber mat on the ground offers protection from dirt and scrapes.

Car parts are not as hard to replace as it may seem. Replace everything in the reverse order they were removed in. Forgotten bolts and screws are extremely important to a car repair.

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