The conventional types of motor oils are generally petroleum based but it has recently become more widely known that synthetic motor oils are not only better for you car but also better for the environment. This is because petroleum based oils are made from refined crude oil. Here, we will show you how to find the best synthetic motor oil for your vehicle.

Synthetic motor oils are not only stronger but they can improve the performance of your engine dramatically compared to the older style petroleum based motor oils. They can even help your engine to improve its fuel economy which is a huge plus for any vehicle owner with soaring gas prices.

The worlds natural fuel resources are very quickly diminishing so this is another great reason why it is important to try and find the best synthetic motor oil for your vehicle. Synthetic motor oils contain only ingredients that do not need to be taken from the natural world and all can be reproduced very quickly.

There is not only one type of synthetic motor oil that you can use, they are manufactured in varying different grades. The grade level of the oil depicts the quality, so the higher the grade is, the better the quality of the oil. The higher grade oils need to be used on racing cars or high powered motorcycles.

Synthetic oils can be expensive however if you have a fleet of cars or bikes that require it, so some companies tend to use what is called blended synthetic oils instead. This is basically a mixture of petroleum based and synthetic oils. It is less good for the environment but is cheaper than others to buy in bulk.

Now that you know what type of oil that you require for your vehicle, you can select the best synthetic motor oil for your needs. By taking time to understand how different oils work you could be saving money and increasing your cars productivity at the same time.

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