When you have a car that just won’t start and the mechanic won’t even bother taking a look at it, you’re probably stuck with a junk car. But you don’t have to be stuck it forever. Now, you can have cash for junk cars Chicago dealers are wiling to pay for. Here are some guidelines that show you what you can do with your unworkable car.

The first and most logical thing you can do is to sell your car when you’re trying to get rid of it just because it isn’t working anymore. You can start by placing an ad in the paper, or having posters and flyers at populous places. Your goal here to to reach a wide variety of potential buyers. When doing this, be upfront about the condition of the vehicle. When you’re trying to sell it online, have as many pictures as possible of the vehicle so that potential buyers can better assess how much the car is worth.

You should understand that you may not get a very high offer for the vehicle. Note that it isn’t working already and that you’ve used it for a few years already. Recouping the market value for your car is simply impossible. Several factors including age, mileage and repairs needed will determine the monetary value of the car.

Make a list of the damaged parts including those that have been already removed. Potential dealers and buyers would usually ask inquiries about the parts that aren’t working. This helps them determine an offering price which would usually be $30 to $50. The offer may go up as high as up to ten times the normal offer if the car can still run.

It would help you if a lot of dealers offer for your car. You can have as many options as you want plus you’ll have a lot more offers. This way you can choose who’s giving you the highest offer. So don’t be rash in selling your vehicle, take it easy and take the time to decide and ponder over things. It’ll also be a big deal if you deliver the car yourself because the buyer will offer a higher price because they didn’t have to hire for towing services.

Recycling the car would also be a good idea for you. It is fortunate that the scrap metal industry is a booming business which makes junks cars totally profitable. Take the car to a junkyard and receive money instantly. However, do not expect a huge amount of money because they’ll only pay for the usable parts and will just have the car stripped off of parts after the negotiations.

You can also choose to donate the car to charity. In fact, there are a number of vehicle donation programs that are sponsored by charitable organizations which will take your car. This move will possibly earn you points in heaven plus you got rid of the car. Depending on the amount the car is worth, you’ll have to pay taxes. Remember, nothing is permanent except death and taxes.

In getting cash for junk cars Chicago dealers often make great offers that are reasonable to both parties. If you can, find out more things you can do with your junk car that can earn you money. Who says that anything damaged won’t earn any money?

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