There are a lot of different cars in the market today. Despite that, it’s very difficult to not fall in love with a Ferrari. With a rich legacy of producing some of the fastest and most luxurious cars in the world, they continue to wow their supporters with several innovations that can make the most modern cars a run for their money.

For the past several decades, the Ferrari has attempted and succeeded in being one of the fastest cars in the world. Even models that have been launched over fifty years ago are still well received by car enthusiasts because of its modern innovation. The Ferrari California is probably just one of the many Ferrari models that will boast of high quality technology.

Having back seats is probably not common when talking about Ferraris, but this innovative company is determined to break the mold and provide various options to Ferrari lovers and car enthusiasts. The Ferrari California takes pride in housing a V8 front engine and a 7 speed transmission, but there’s definitely more to love. This car, also called the Grand Tourer can allow you to bring some of your friends or young children for a ride. Expect them to fall in line!

If you have been used to spacious cars that offer a lot of leg room, you should know that you will not find it in the Ferrari. What you will find, however, is an immense speed that can be considered from one of the fastest cars in the world. Can you think of any other car that can take you from zero to 60 in only four seconds? This impressive feature continues to amaze car enthusiasts, but Ferrari is determined to make more developments to their product line like no other company ever has.

The Ferrari has also had its share in television and film, keeping its reputation for speed and functionality. One of the cars used in popular films would be the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. There were only less than 100 units sold for this model alone, and figures have shown that it was sold at a price tag of 11 million dollars at an auction!

The Ferrari model was taken after its owner, Italian Enzo Ferrari, but their popularity in the global market is more than enough proof to know how widely accepted this car is. It’s even difficult to describe the Ferrari as just a nice car. The word nice would probably not do it justice. They have capitalized on design, and although you will find some classic models that will not really be heavily exceptional, you know that it makes up for the basic look with exceptional speed and a powerful engine.

The Ferrari likes to stick to a tried and tested formula, and then developing new innovation injected in most of their models. The new Ferrari California that was launched in 2008 still bears semblance to their older models, but owning one will not necessarily feel nostalgic at all. It’s a beautiful car with modern features and basic design, but in looking at the car’s performance, engine and other benefits, you would instantly know that such development can only come from a company like Ferrari.

We may see a lot of newer cars in the market. One thing is sure though: legacy of the Ferrari lives on. As they continue to move forward with their desire to make more customers happy, they are sure to remain as one of the global leaders in the automobile industry.

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