You know how partners have a tendency to go on their own ways while still together? Sometimes, couples get so preoccupied with their personal lives that they no longer have time for each other; their living arrangements could be likened to roommates in college, who share the same living quarters but are totally living their own personal lives.

When a relationship is still budding, the partners are truly excited. It is as if everything around them is brand new. You both love spending time with each other, even if its just watching TV the whole day. Now, you two can’t even agree on what show to watch.

Going on vacations together is very effective in bringing back a couple’s joyful moments together. Times for bonding, nonetheless, do not necessarily have to be exclusively done on a Caribbean cruise. You can still provide each other the luxury of your time by doing simple chores together. Shopping for sustenance shouldn’t fall on just one’s shoulders. beginning a trend in your home by making a weekend grocery shopping date with your loved one; both can contribute to the grocery list.

Another chore that could be fun to fulfill if you and your partner are doing it together is car washing; schedule a day to do this. If you are doing a chore like car washing, it can be loads of fun if your loved one is there with you, too. So instead of one of you washing the dishes while the other one washes the car, fulfill both chores together. Do not make other commitments on this day; it should be reserved solely for the bonding moment with your loved one.

If both of you have your own cars, why not let your partner wash your car while you wash his (or hers)? It would be a fun change. You can even go to a professional car wash service center for that one. Your partner need not be aware about this; it could be a very pleasant surprise for someone who would be expecting that you’d be cleaning the car only with soap and water.

Surprising your loved one this way would demonstrate that before taking care of your own needs, you want his or her own needs taken care of first. This action is a sweet reminder that your relationship is still strong, and it can also serve to rekindle the spark and reawaken the reason that made you stay in the relationship in the first place.

If the love that you have for a person is true, it would certainly never vanish. But passion, romance, and the thrill may. There are many ways you can rekindle the spark in your relationship. You can begin by having a car wash weekend.

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