Every once in awhile, you need to give your dog a ride. Before you get behind the wheel with a hound on board, know that there is a list of safety guidelines you should keep in mind. It doesn’t matter if you will be travelling intercity for a holiday, or just driving him to his health checkup at the local vet.

Begin by teaching your dog that whenever he is in a vehicle, he needs to know that his place is exclusively in the back. You do not want him to climb his way onto your shoulder to get your attention, all the while you’re navigating through the traffic. Repeatedly issue the stay put command until he grasps the concept, which might take some time, but it can also save you from having to make a vehicle claim as a result of him causing you an accident.

Riding a car can also be tedious process for any pet, so it is up to you to offer some creature comforts. There should be enough area for the dog to spread out his limbs, and you might need to consider a larger transport and look for SUV reviews if you got yourself a sizeable hound. Try and ease his travel anxiety by bringing along his most prized trinket or cloth. Ideally you don’t want to have to regularly turn around to calm him down, as this can be dangerous for your driving.

Care must be taken to prevent car sickness in your dogs. Wooziness can be minimised if the dog can be taught to look at the frontal view. During a considerably long trip, allow the dog to take a break from travelling once every couple of hours. Some dogs will also be naturally inclined to get car sick no matter what you do, in that case you will need to get some appropriate sedatives like Dramamine from your vet.

If you will taking your dog on a long distance cruise, make sure that he will be having an extra light dinner on the night before the expedition. He is also to receive no food whatsoever within the hour prior to getting in the car, and if you have to feed him while the car is moving, do so very infrequently. This should minimise the probability of puking.

Ventilation is also very important, given that a dog is typically more sensitive to heat than human beings. It is quite possible for the temperature inside a car to rise up to twenty degrees above the exterior temperature. This can seriously endanger kids and pets alike. Maintain a decent air flow by pulling down the windows, without leaving a gap large enough for the dog to leap out, of course.

If car travel will become a regular occurrence for your canine, you might be interested in searching for some dog seat harness, some of which are constructed to work directly with your car’s seat belts. Using a specialised dog seat belt no only keeps him still, but it can also keep him alive if you have an unfortunate vehicle accident.

Whether you drive a modified Holden or a Toyota van your dog can be comfortable.