New technology will permit you to partially run your car on water. HHO, or hydrogen injection, systems are a growing industry providing green technology and cost savings. Recent advances in engineering and manufacturing have increased the efficiency and reduced the cost. This has made the technology available to the public on a new scale.

A hydrogen boosting system will supplement your regular gasoline with a gas mixture extracted from water. Using electricity, it breaks down water in hydrogen and oxygen. This Brown’s Gas is a perfect self-oxygenating fuel supplement. It burns easily and cleanly.

Yull Brown developed a way of efficiently extracting HHO gas from water in the 1970s. His methods are used in welding and other industrial applications to this day. Brown’s methods are so well known and common that he lends his name to the resulting gas mixture. Over the years, other researchers and scientists have refined the methods of electrolysis to improve efficiency.

The recent affordability and efficiency gains have lead to the development of common standards for hydrogen boosting kits and products. Industry bodies are setting clear guidelines and quality measures for new systems. Thousands of vehicles are using industry standard kits to improve fuel efficiency and take advantage of green tax credits. As the systems become more commonly used, there is greater government support and better standards are developed.

Many people often say that hydrogen systems are like the better known nitrous oxide boosters. While this may be true in that they both add supplements to an engine, they are quite distinct. Nitrous boosters provide a large oxygen boost to an engine, allowing it to temporarily gain a large increase in speed. This is extremely rough on an engine and can only be used for very short times. HHO kits provide a steady stream of supplement to an engine, providing greater efficiency. They also reduce residue deposits inside an engine.

Many critics deride the ability to run your car on water as a pipe dream or fringe science. Their claims are fueled by overly exuberant advertising and a small handful of scam artists. Research will reveal that these few bad apples do not represent the larger legitimate industry. There are thousands of satisfied customers using HHO technology every day.

Systems are produced for most vehicles fueled by gasoline. Be sure that any kit or product you purchase is intended for your own car or truck. Some kits are only intended for a particular type of engine. Other manufacturers offer more universal kits, but you should still check to ensure they are compatible with your vehicle.

There are many different options on the market for a consumer looking to purchase a hydrogen injection system. Results and performance can be quite different from product to product. Be sure that your kit is produced by a reputable manufacturer and is approved by industry standards. Some systems may require more do it yourself effort than others. Be sure to choose a system that matches your skill level and needs.

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, lessen your smog contribution, and save money by making use of a good hydrogen system. It is a green technology that is also cost saving, which is a rare combination.

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