The Rossin-Bertin Vorax is Brazil’s newest car and it is scheduled to make its spectacular debut at the Sao Paulo Show, which is about to take place soon, this month. The Vorax is powered by the V10 from the now defunct BMW M5 (which does make us wonder where Messrs Rossin and Bertin will source motors for the 500-1000 cars they plan to make each year). In its ‘entry-level’ form the Vorax will push out 570hp, while bolting a supercharger on pushes that up to 750hp. The Vorax coupe is targeted to hit the market late 2011 or early 2012. A convertible version is slated to follow a year later, with overall production targeted at 500-1000 units in all and prices hovering around $400k.




via: auto-power-girl