As you enter into the hobby of cycling there are some essential items of road bike clothing that you will need.


The most important piece of clothing is an excellent pair of padded bike shorts. The purpose of the padding is to prevent the rubbing and chafing which occurs between the legs and seat during a long ride. A pair of padded shorts will consist of a molded padding insert of gel or chamois and a Lycra microfiber blend which provides flexibility. Another important aspect of padded shorts is the number of panels in the construction. This can range from 4 to 10 panels with the seams in various locations for ergonomic purposes. You may want to also consider whether you want an elastic or drawstring waist, reflective materials, and pockets on your shorts.


A jersey is a shirt cut and made just for cycling. They are constructed from a special material which will wick sweat and moisture away from the skin keeping the cyclist cooler. It is cut longer in the back to provide coverage when you are bent over the handlebars. They also have pockets on the back, as front pockets would spill in the cycling position, to provide for storage of crucial items and food.


When you cycle you will be wearing special bicycling shoes which put pressure in different locations of your foot. A specially designed bicycle sock will provide extra cushioning or padding in these areas to reduce the pressure. They are also ankle length to prevent any wind drag and are made of material which wicks away excess moisture.

Clip less Shoes

This is a somewhat misleading name as the purpose of them is to actually lock the foot in place on the pedal. Shoes are combined with a cleat on the bottom of the shoe which locks into place by either pushing the foot forward or twisting it in sideways. The purpose of the cleat securely fitting into its receptacle component on the pedal is to ensure the correct foot placement and allow the maximum power to be transferred from your leg to the wheel.

Bicycling Gloves

The gloves used for bicycling provide extra padding to the points receiving high pressure from the cycling position. The padding can vary from layers of cushioning material to small gel sacks in select locations.

Winter Wear

It is important during cold weather rides to make sure you are properly covered. Layers such as booties, arm warmers, leg warmers, glove liners, and helmet covers provide additional needed warmth during the colder months.

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