Newest concept car of Frank Rinderknecht’s looks almost tame by comparison. Named the iChange it’s a one-two or three seater with moveable bodywork. The Rinspeed iChange will have a 175 horsepower electric motor, which isn’t actually something new on the concept or production front, but that’s not what put the iChange at a distance from other cars. The iChange will also have a healthy amount of sport to go along with its practicality, with the concept in theory making the spring to 60 mph in only over four seconds, on its way to a high speed of 137 mph. The iChange is powered by lithium-ion batteries, with two battery stack configurations probable, a smaller unit for short trips and a bigger pack for long distance trips. The iChange’s framework in addition features solar panels, which can charge the car’s batteries or run auxiliary components. Rinderknecht says the iChange is about 1850mm wide, 4500mm long and a mere 1100mm tall, making it longer but thin and lower than a Lamborghini LP560-4. The iChange for sure sounds a slight too far out there to have any cost price, but that’s just par for the course for Rinspeed.