by James Last

A limo ride could be an exciting ride if you are with the right company, your limo service is excellent, your chauffeur is superb, and you know how to ride a limo! Sadly, there are times we can get too caught up with the idea of being in a limousine that we fail to truly enjoy the ride – we just get all worked-up and rowdy and all that.

Sadly, before the night is over, you and your friends will have already made yourselves tired from all the thrashing and noisy partying in the limousine that you just missed the novelty feeling of riding in a limousine as if it’s an everyday thing for you.

Now, the reason why you would want to be seen in a smooth, stylish and ultra-cool limo is to get to wherever you are going with panache. You want to impress your friends, perhaps a crush or you simply want to feel extra-special for that one particular day.

You must remember that there are protocols that you must adhere to when riding in a limo. Firstly, tasteful behaviour – and not trashy – should be in place. If you are in a classy place, you act correspondingly, right? The same attitude should be used when riding a limo.

Don’t ask people more than you originally planned as the limo service will not allow extra heads in the limousine if you already mentioned prior to your limo ride the exact number of guests that will be riding with you.

Finally, feel the limo ride. Don’t just jump all over the place, play noisy music and drink the night away.

Now that you know how to behave when going on a limo ride, the next thing you need to think of is getting the right limousine that will suit your fancy, your budget, and the event where you will be using it.

There are limo services that are older than your youngest sister so don’t go there. The really good ones are those that are normally just a few years old – say, something like two or three years.

You should also make sure that there are no other extra costs that you will have to shell out for. There have been times where additional costs were charged which weren’t openly mentioned in their ads.

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