Personalized bank checks are fun to carry and have a wide array of images to choose from. However, in the past they can have been expensive to order from your bank. Now, shoppers are able to order checks from the Internet and save up to 50% on the same checks that they would have been able to order from their bank.

Ordering checks online allows shoppers to be privy to hundreds of different check designs and themes. Of these themes, Harley Davidson is by far one of the most popular.

Harley Davidson is an American institution. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they are known for creating the American chopper style of motorcycles. In 1906, William Harley, Arthur Davidson, and Arthur’s brothers opened the first Harley Davidson factory. The company’s headquarters are still located in the site of the original factory, even one hundred years later.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are powerful motorcycles that are intended for highway cruising. They come equipped with more than 750 cc engines, but they are also stylish. They come with a good deal of chrome that when taken care of properly, can shine in the sunlight on the open road.

Harleys have been used for many historic events. Pancho Villa used them in the Mexican border conflicts. They were also used during the Korean War, WWI, and WWII. After the Depression, Harley Davidson was one of only two motorcycle companies to continue on.

The longest running model in the Harley Davidson family is the Sportster. Originally intended to be a racing bike, the Sportster is a little lighter than the other cycles.

Over the years, other motorcycle companies have become popular and have given customers different models and styles to choose from. However, Harleys are still considered classic and remain admired worldwide. They boast die-hard fans that refuse to ride anything else.

Today, almost 5% of Harley’s annual sales come from logo-inspired products. People all over the world love these motorcycles. With every Harley Davidson check you write, you can be reminded of the open road and the American legend that Harley Davidson has come to be.

There are several different designs to be found on Harley checks. Some of the most popular feature current models.

You can also find “Ride Hard, Live Free” checks that showcase artwork by artists Larry K. Martin and Marc Lacourciere. Stylish as they are, they are meant to show the freedom of the open road.

The “Ride Hard, Live Free” checks also come with images of the American flag and the bald eagle-two classic American symbols. These patriotic checks can show off not only your love of these bikes, but also your love of America.

An incentive to ordering checks online is that you can usually find matching leather checkbook covers and address labels to match.

You can also find duplicate checks, which are good when it comes to balancing out your checkbook. These leave behind carbon copies of every check you write.

If you order online you can generally save money ordering this way and the turnaround is about 2-3 days, which is pretty much the same amount of time that it would take you to get them from your bank.

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