Living in Boston poses all sorts of unique issues for drivers and driving. Road construction is never ending, weather is unpredictable, and drivers are always in a hurry. Car windows that are damaged in inner city burglaries or chipped with stones just driving down the Mass. Pike all need to find Boston auto glass companies in a hurry.

Long gone are the days where you needed to take off time from work and sit around an auto glass shop waiting to have your windows or windshield repaired. Although that’s still an option, there are many mobile options to choose from as well.

Now, there are some much more convenient ways to get your glass fixed. If something happens while you are driving to work, you no longer have to reschedule your entire day. You now have the option of heading to your office and arranging for a mobile service to come to your office (or even your home) to repair the glass. The vans are equipped with everything the drivers need to fix your window on the spot. Your insurance paperwork can be taken care of right there at the same time as well.

Of course, weather being what is in the Boston area, it’s not unheard of to have a mobile company confirm an appointment only to be stuck in a sudden downpour our snow flurries. Because the adhesive materials need to dry for at least 24 hours in most cases, you might have more of a problem than before. The new mobile facilities, however, are now equipped with a folding tent like structure that will fit most cars, and inside of which the men can work and keep your car dry as the work continues.

Before deciding on a company, it’s always a good idea to call your insurance company first. They may have preferred dealers which they can suggest to you. If they do, you should certainly consider these options because there is a good reason the insurance company is suggesting them. Usually it’s because a specific shop might be easy to deal with, they might be close to you, or they might do a great job and charge the insurance company less than other shops.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay to have a job done again, so if they recommend a company, rest assured they have good luck with them in the past.

If mobile isn’t your thing, you can still head over to the regular shop for your repair work. Some even have auto rentals on site, just in case.

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