The resources that have been used to empower worldwide economies are becoming extinct, causing fighting in the Middle East, and an accelerated international government power trip. The sooner every home owner and business entity makes the decision to begin using renewable energy, the sooner the world will be a more pleasant place to live.

One renewable energy source is the use of the sun to create energy that can be converted into a source for electricity. One thing is given while using this source; the sun will never burn out, leaving anyone with no power. In addition electricity can be generated by the use of the wind, or even by creating a water wheel. There are also new innovative mechanisms that can create energy alone with no need for any kind of renewable energy.

Heating a building with petroleum based fuels such as kerosene, diesel, or propane is highly toxic via the exhaust produced and released into the atmosphere. Therefore, wood pellet stoves have been introduced. These stoves burn small pellets which are similar to the size of rabbit pellets and are made of compressed saw dust. This is a good alternative to use for heating a building, but the pellets have become expensive.

Another important renewable energy is the use of biodiesel products. This fuel is a diesel fuel that can power any diesel using engine. There are a number of uses that can do nothing but help the air pollution problem. Diesel engines have supplied the transportation industry with legitimate ways of fueling the economy for years, and now the introduction of biodiesel products need transitioned into the only fuel method.

Gas powered equipment should be transformed into ethanol using motors. Another alternative to lawn care equipment powered by gas is the purchase of battery operated machines. These are not suggested because of the waste created by dead batteries, but ultimately are an alternative to the use of gas.

Anytime a person thinks about getting the waste taken out of the home by a garbage company, only put into the dump what can destroy itself by being broken down naturally. Landfills and dumps are polluting the underground water sheds as well as the air that is needed to survive as a human race.

Teaching the future generations how to perform manual labor without the use of fuel or battery powered equipment is the greatest method in the continuous fight against global warming. When there is work going on at home instead of make believe television, or manipulated media, the home front becomes stronger. The fight against global warming starts on the home front.

All in all, the entire population is going to have to put their political power trips behind, and stand back to look at the big picture. All governments fighting over the use of fossil fuels that do nothing but harm the globe does not make any sense. People are losing their lives and tying up an extreme amount of energy that could be focused on the production and industrializing of renewable energy sources.

I wrote this article to teach people about how to create free renewable generator for free energy.