Renault has presented the Renault Kangoo be bop ZE Zero Emission electric car demonstrator at the shareholder AGM in Paris. The technology behind the Renault Kangoo be bop ZE is similar to the one that will be included in the company’s future production electric vehicle.
Moving the be bop Z.E. is a 44kW (60hp) electric motor which revs to 12,000rpm! It produces maximum torque of 190Nm and helps the car to get an electronically-limited top speed of 130km/h. The be bop Z.E.’s battery is good for about 100 km (62 miles), Renault claims, but the production version should be able to go 160 km (100 miles). Renault will start with a sedan in Israel and then a utility New Kangoo EV in Europe in 2011, while the rest of the world will have to wait until 2012.

renault kangoo concept 01

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