Renault EZ-PRO concept will have a maximum speed limited to only 50 km/h.

Visitors to this year’s Geneva Motor Show were able to see Renault‘s EZ-GO concept. Furthermore at the Paris Motor Show in early October, they will introduce new member of the EZ family concept car, Renault EZ-PRO concept.

This is the EZ-PRO concept was captured during the recording of promotional material in Tallinn. It also announces the future of shared mobility of this French manufacturer.

Judging by the picture and the short video, the focus of the designer was not here on the attractive design. They put emphasis above all on the functionality and vantage of the interior.

In line with expectations, the EZ-PRO concept will be an autonomous and electric “robo-vehicle” of the future.

Like the EZ-GO concept from the Geneva Fair, this EZ-PRO concept should, of course, have a system of autonomous driving level 4, with a maximum speed limited to only 50 km/h.

Renault EZ-PRO concept