When I was a little boy, I’d spend a lot of time playing with my friends, playing football, or just running around having fun. I used to love the feeling of freedom that I had back then, without any worries but the time I was supposed to be back home. However, as I grew older, I seemed to be the only one playing outside, as all my friends were inside.

Since I didn’t like playing on my own, I decided to go over to their houses and invite them to play outside with me. I was very disappointed when none of them wanted to, and told me they preferred watching TV or playing some new video game.

My parents had to listen to me complain about it for endless hours, until they decided they would but me something to keep me occupied outside. A bike was out of the question, as they said, but something even better was on the way. They just didn’t want to tell me what it was.

The big box with E300 Scooter written all over it, that arrived the day later, made me very excited. I helped my dad assemble it, and after the charging period was over, I took out my new scooter for a spin around the block. I also told all my friends about it.

Since they all liked it, and there were too many of us for just one scooter, and I was afraid someone might break mine, I told them to get their parents to buy them one too. In a couple of weeks, the entire neighborhood was back to the way I remembered it, with all of us outside, having a lot of fun with our new scooters.

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