When a person needs a car that will be appropriate for commuting to work, they often look for a small car. In many cases, these individuals do not consider the amount of time they will have to spend in the vehicle in traffic. They do not take into consideration that comfort in the small car must be equal to, or exceed, a larger car. Finding the right car at South Bay BMW car dealer or another dealership will require some time when looking for the best vehicle.

The cars that are normally chosen for commuter vehicles are small and do not have options and features that accommodate a long period of time in the vehicle. A commuter car may be perfect if the time spent in the car is limited to fifteen or twenty minutes. However, when a person spends an inordinate amount of time stuck in commuter traffic they need the comforts of a larger vehicle.

Individuals who live or work in large metropolitan areas may live only ten to fifteen miles from their job. However, they may have a commute in excess of three hours. These individuals need more than the average small commuter car can offer. They often find that the seats of these cars are uncomfortable when a long commute is required.

As manufacturers have continued to improve vehicles, they have included the needs of commuters. Small cars are now being made with the same eye for comfort that is found in larger, luxury cars. Many small cars now have cushions that are filled with contour foam and heating elements that provide comfort to the driver sitting in traffic.

The features and functions of small cars have continued to improve and meet the challenges of individuals who spend several hours in commuter traffic. There are some small cars made with surround sound stereo systems, phone adapters for hands-free use, and adapters for laptops and other equipment.

When a person finds they are going to be spending long periods of time behind the wheel, back support can be critical. Recent advancements in the design of car seating have resulted in an ergonomic seat back. These seats conform to the shape of the driver and provides necessary support to the neck and back.

Testing a small car from South Bay BMW dealership that will be used for long commutes is best done at an idle. When the car is running in a stopped position for several minutes, you can gauge its comfort and adaptability for your needs. The car should have options and features that are easily seen and within easy reach. By conducting this test on a busy street you will also be able to gauge the insulation from noise that the car can provide.

Navigating a small car in rush hour traffic can sometimes be difficult. There may be a blind side on the car that will be unnoticed at first viewing. Of, you may need to make a sharp turn suddenly while maintaining control of the vehicle. In addition, the ability to accelerate quickly to move when cars cannot stop behind you will be very important in commuter traffic.

Looking for a small car for commuting on a daily basis can be accomplished easily when a person goes to South Bay BMW automobile dealer or another BMW dealerships with their needs and requirements in mind.