There are many factors that contribute to the total cost of insurance coverage. One of them is the driving history and record of the driver. Many people didn’t think that getting a speeding ticket would affect the rate of their car insurance greatly. It is already proven that 35% of car accidents are due to over speeding. So it only means that road safety begins in driving safely. When car owners will just follow the proper driving rules, it will be expected that the speeding ticket they receive in the past would greatly reduced and make them safe from accidents. But sad to say, some drivers who are caught speeding in the past months was not able to get away from their habit of driving fast. True enough, they manage to change and follow slow driving for a few months but soon turn back to speed driving.

This study just stated clearly that an individual who religiously follow traffic rules will have a higher percentage, more than 50% safe from experiencing car accidents compared to those who are always driving fast. Speeders should become aware that because of this reason, the mandated insurance made by the law enforcement office is heavy on them. One factor that will further testify to this is the increased rates imposed to the speeders especially for those who have a bad speeding record. Below are the factors that would help you think about the cost of insurance for having speeding tickets:

1.Having one ticket for speeding doesn’t affect yet your insurance rate, unless if you are reported to drive awfully fast over 15 miles above the legal speed limit as imposed by the law.

b)Some people have a very nice record of driving. They have a very clean history of driving. Such people have a great advantage while going to insurance companies.There are various insurance rates for different cases.One must choose them smartly. They must choose the insurance best suited for them. one must do a through research for this decision and arrive at a suitable conclusion.One can easily obtain an increase their rate of insurance by as much as twenty seven percent. This is very helpful for the individual.

3.One ticket is equivalent to one point. If this will accumulate for three years, you should anticipate for an increase of your insurance rate.

d)Some people have multiple speeding tickets. This can help a lot to that person. People tend to switch from one insurance company to another.This habit is not useful under some cases. One should not change the insurance carrier frequently. This can be disadvantageous in certain cases. One must have a long history of association with the company.This brings with it many advantages. People must take these advantages and make the right choice in selecting the insurance carrier. This would be especially useful for the person.

One should always have speeding tickets. It greatly improves your finances. One stands a chance of getting a victory in these cases. There are many advantages for the person having a speeding ticket. Apart from winning the case one can also benefit from the fact that technicalities can be dropped. There is no need to get the services of an attorney. One should always use their common sense. Another important point is that one should never admit their mistake while going to insurance company.

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