You have of course seen auto navigation systems in your friends’ vehicles and you could be on the point of buying one yourself. It is definitely true that the auto navigation systems look impressive and the price of a set-up has fallen fairly radically over the last few years. There are indeed many benefits to be derived from owning an auto navigation system, which is also known as sat nav.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important benefits of using a sat nav system.

Safety is paramount in whatever pursuit you undertake and safety has to be taken into account when driving too. It is difficult to know whether the world used to be a safer place or not, but it is a fact that these days more people are wary of getting embroiled with strangers than they were before.

Lone drivers do not want to stop a stranger and admit that they are lost or even stranded. Maybe the stranger will direct you into an ambush, set up hurriedly over a mobile phone as you drive off blissfully suspecting nothing. People have become very suspicious of strangers.

It goes without saying that lone female drivers are the most distrustful of asking strangers for directions, but families with children are often very wary as well.

Using an auto navigation system solves this problem, because you will never get lost again, presuming that the sat nav console is wired to your car battery or you have spare batteries for a hand-held device in the glove compartment.

Confidence in getting to your destination on time, if you leave early enough, is another major advantage. Traffic jams, road works, accidents and natural disasters will no longer be surprises to you and your sat nave system will be able to propose alternative routes in order to avoid the obstacle. This is a very big advantage.

You will no longer have to leave really early to make sure you miss the traffic or to make certain you get somewhere on time. Sat nav will give your ETA. This can save you a whole lot of anxiety, especially if you have to be in different places for work or the kids throughout the day.

Not to have to juggle with maps is a godsend as well. No more folding and refolding maps and struggling to remember portions of the route and then stopping to check and remember the next section of the route. Maps are always out of date too. New sections of motorway are always being added and small roads are sometimes closed for a new housing project. Paper maps just cannot keep up.

The last but not necessarily the least major advantage is the freedom an auto navigation system gives to you in your spare time. It opens up the countryside If you were always a little uneasy about going on a Sunday drive because you did not know the way or did not have a co-pilot to read the map, now you can just go with your auto navigation system.

Owen Jones, the author of this article writes on various topics, but is presently involved with the Snooper sat nav system. If you would like to know more, please go to our website at Escort 8500.