Even though I had driven the Lexus IS 250 Sedan model, and regardless of the fact, I am a huge devotee of its extravagance features, and safe handling, its standard values in all Lexus models, when I placed my eyes on the Lexus IS 250 Hardtop convertible, I was dumbfound; the car beyond doubt is an stimulation . It is Japanese sumptuousness Automotive Engineering at its very best. Making its elegant first appearance at the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile in the year 2008, it is a consequence of four years of work on the preceding body style altered into a roadster.

To be on the streets by 2010, it is the first entry level convertible offered from Lexus. With retail tag of approximately 34,550 plus, it is claimed to have the fastest metal folding roof in the world. Based on the IS Sedan, it is a transformation of a solid roof, four door sedan, into a retractable roof, two door coupe. Under the hood is a 204bhp (208 DIN hp) 2.5 litre V6 engine, and it will be available in both six speed automatic, and manual transmissions.

The external design is based on the L-finesse design characteristics of the IS saloon. Stylish scope, comprehensive lines, and divergent convex and concave surfacing are all part of it. In spite of this, only a small number of body elements are familiar, which are the headlamps, bonnet, door handles, and door mirrors. All the rest have been redesigned to line up with the three-piece metal roof. All around the body, there are noticeable aerodynamic characteristics, which allow for enhanced driving with the roof down. The rear lights have new amalgamation light clusters with distinctive linear LED illumination, and a high-mounted LED stop light built into the higher lip of the boot lid.

The internal design is also based on the high-ceilinged, deluxe, and pioneering inner designs of the Saloon. Seating is very relaxing with a lot of leg space for four people as well as the driver. In accumulation, it boosts open-handed luggage room. In fact, it is the only car in its category, to have space for a golf bag, with the roof down, and luggage cover in rest. The 12 speaker 365W Surround System has computerised equaliser fine-tuning to supply effective audio quality, no matter, if the roof is up, or down; the superiority remains the same in both circumstances. The LCD touch screen audio player has numerous connectivity ports along with a devoted music library of 10GB. It is an element of state of the art Navigation System, which has a devoted memory of 40GB, and withholds maps for entire of Europe with voice acknowledgment functionality.

The three-piece collapsing roof arrangement is made entirely of thin aluminium, and has the quickest opening, and closing period for any three-part roof at 20 seconds. It is particularly soft, and effortlessly placed, in use by the push of a single button.

The ride is very soft with the additional feature of standard 17-inch wheels. In accumulation with a, multi link suspensions, a strong chassis, and Electronic Power Steering offer for enhanced handling, and controlling.

Safety concerns have been taken care by an utmost five star rating in both Euro, and US NCAP crash testing. With all safety standards included as the IS Sedan models, it also has the first of its kind twin-chamber passenger front airbag.

Overall, the 2010 Lexus IS 250C is found to be a refined touring convertible for a sensible price. Its interior improvement, relaxing ride, and good fuel economy are certainly bonuses. In addition, with UK being the biggest market for convertibles (despite the little sunshine we have), you are going to be seeing a lot of them around.

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