by Sam Williams

The smell of burning rubber when you floor the accelerator during the start of every race and passing each opponent and letting them eat your dust are just parts of the excitement of racing go carts. Kart racing has become every persons easy access pass to the exciting and fun filled world of racing and motorsports.

Fast acceleration and high speeds combined with sharp turns and sly opponents make racing go carts a fun and exciting activity for everyone. In both paved and dirt road it is a challenging activity that will train and test your reflexes. With each turn and gear shift an important one, the fun just doesn’t stop.

Beginners go kart driving is easy to learn. But unlike bumper cars in the arcade, control and driving strategy are more important. Even with these slower karts, you will still feel the excitement and the rush from racing in your own kart. With no car body to shield you from the environment, the wind, smoke, and dirt verify the authenticity of each race. You are no longer a spectator in big race or a player in a computer game, you are now truly racing!

A true racing go cart is well-tuned machine. Each part, each modification, even the physical characteristics of the driver can influence the kart speed and the way it will handle. In tournament races, karts can fast, really fast. This ups the danger, and of course the excitement! In these fast races, it is important to have the proper safety gear.

The gear such as helmets and fireproof jump suits do not prevent you from enjoying your race. In fact, it adds to the excitement as you truly feel that you are a racing car driver. Racing go cart accidents can happen but proper training and equipment prevents injuries. With this, you can continue with this addictive and fun activity.

From amusement parks, to dedicated racing tracks, at any speed or skill level, racing go carts is a fun and exciting ability. It is the most accessible way to enjoy motorsports and racing. Go ahead and drive!

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