Has there ever been a time when you thought to yourself, “I should not be paying this much for auto coverage well, if you have you are not without help. In the U.S. We are obligated to have automobile insurance, it is the law and who are we to oppose our legal system?

So, we have to have it but why do we have to pay so much and what factors cause us to pay extra then our fellow citizens? Well there are quite a few factors that might potentially cause you to shell out more then your friends but the ones beneath tend to cause the greatest increases.

1 – Try to uphold a clean record when it comes to traffic citations. If you have a lead foot well you need to stop! A speeding citation will really hurt your wallet/purse. A single speeding ticket can cost you a lot in fines but boy are you going to pay a heck of a lot more on your car insurance policy. How about a 100-300 percent in premium payments?

2 – Do you have a son or daughter? If so you are going to pay dearly when they reach driving age. Teens are a huge liability for car insurance companies. They speed, they don’t pay attentions, and they are easily distracted. They are pretty much a ticking time bomb. Most people get into at least a minor bump up by the time they are 21 and this why their premium payments are much higher.

There really isn’t a way of reducing payments when it comes to new drivers, you just have to shop around from company to company and hope you find a good deal.

3 — If you have been in a couple wrecks then you may be paying more then others. In reality you probably are. The one way to fix this is to go to a fresh insurance provider, one that offers crash forgiveness.

4 – So you have a high performance car? Good for you but you are paying a lot for car insurance. If you want cheaper insurance you need to get rid of the flashy car, sorry!

As I said there are tons of factors that cause coverage prices to change, they go up, they go down. The only way to really make sure you have a fair plan is to look around. Get a couple online quotes and see what you can discovery. Good luck.

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