1 in ten deaths on UK roads are caused by drunk drivers, and in 2008 269 of these where a direct result of drivers being found over the limit. There where over 11,000 recorded drink or drug related incidents in the UK in 2008.

Brake, the road safety charity, has conducted some resent research. This research has revealed that 14 per cent of these incidents are caused by at work drivers. An at work driver being one that drinks at social gatherings, be it a meeting or event, during work hours.

These at work drivers, as part of the research, admitted to consuming up to and over three or more units of alcohol before taking control of a vehicle. In comparison, just 6 per cent of other drivers on the road admitted to the same level of consumption before driving. This statistic is more than double the amount taking other road users and pedestrian lives into their hands.

The findings are targeted toward aiding managers and company bosses into thinking more about the role they play in ensuring that their employees do not drink drive the next time an event takes place. The usual procedure for these events is after a day of meetings the attendees generally wind down by consuming some form of alcoholic drink.

Obviously the amount consumed by each individual is their own responsibility, however inevitably most will still be over the legal limit when they pick up their keys in the morning. A possible solution is to ensure public transport is used for the journey, another is to have the morning off work preceding the event.

A new campaign is due to be launched by Brake called face facts , the aim is to assist managers in making sure drivers are aware of drink driving risks.

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