The Popular Soft Roll Up Type Tonneau covers the bed of your pickup truck. This is the least expensive cover and is easiest to install. This top of the line vinyl cover keeps your stuff out of sight and of the weather. Look for woven polyester backing and reinforced edges to limit stretch and sag.

Numerous pick up truck covers are easy one-person installation which are cut to the exact dimensions of your pick up truck. Many models come with clamp-on rail systems which means no drilling, screws or adhesives. What is nice is that all visible fasteners are hidden and the tailgate opens normally. There is no need to remove the roll up cover. To speed up water run-off, pre-arched bows are used giving it a sharp and clean look. Listed beneath are the different kinds of pickup truck covers:

Pickup Truck Roll-up Covers This kind of roll up cover rolls up for effective storage and lends itself to a tidy appearance. This cover is fastened with clamps and some require minimal drilling.

Retractable Covers This type is a one of the multifaceted truck bed covers giving the flexibility of owning a hard tonneau cover that carries with it the option of being able to haul big items without having to completely remove the cover from the bed.

Solid Fiberglass Covers These are extremely weather tight and weather resistant however they are heavy. One needs to take off the whole cover in order to haul large objects and removal requires a bit of effort and usually the need for extra hands to facilitate the removal. With the high cost of gas, these type covers will reduce from your mileage.

Folding Covers These are a great value as a possible choice to expensive solid or retractable tonneau covers that present a removal difficulty. Since these type covers are hinged and folded plus they may leak a little water into the bed.

Pickup Aluminum Tonneau These pickup truck covers are highly engineered. The big feature is these type truck covers have the flexibility of a hard cover and a removable cover. You will give up some space for the canister storage at front of bed.

Lock Down Retractor “Drop Down” Truck Bed Covers This kind tonneau covers for pickup trucks allows easier access to the truck bed without removing the aluminum cover. What is nice about this retractor cover is that it can be locked down every twelve inches if that is the desired outcome.

Buy tonneau covers for pickup trucks having low guranteed U.S. price and are freely shipped for the absolute best deal in the USA. If you are in the camping mood, get truck bed tents that keep you out of the elements and off the ground with a custom quality tent in the rear of your pickup truck.