The Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV is the “world’s first real SpyKar,” noting its release on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Motorized Infantry. The Prombron Black Shark is a battle-ready armored SUV built atop a Mercedes AMG GL platform. It is poewred by 1,500 bhp (1,118 kW) of roaring engine combined with a unique look. Body is designed of Kevlar and titanium, so it is bulletproof and magnetic mine-proof. It also equipped with high intensity lights and sirens, and even a dedicated paparazzi shocking. The Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV certainly provides it with stunning luxury, and other features include champagne cabinet with sterling silver flutes, a humidor with a golden hookah, and a leather interior made from stingray, alligator, ostrich, crocodile, python, shark, and sheep.

Prombron-Black-Shark-Luxury-Armored-Suv Prombron-Black-Shark-Luxury-Armored-Suv_1 Prombron-Black-Shark-Luxury-Armored-Suv-1 Prombron-Black-Shark-Luxury-Armored-Suv-2