The idea of a shape-shifting car with 250 moving body panels is purely the stuff of science fiction.

Words from designer:

The idea started around mid 2008, most would think inspiration came from the Transformers the movie, however it actually came from Pixar Cars. The original concept was actually alot more complicated. I wanted a mass of flakes that when closed, formed a sleek and elegant shape, like its sleeping or something, but when it wakes up it doors will open up like jaws and eat you whole. Thats the feeling i want the user to feel every time he/she steps into the car. The rest of the exterior is designed to provoke the same sort of feeling with alot of jagged edges and fractures across the body work this style was apparent all over the car even in the interior. the original seat designs were just as complex. Designed to dynamically follow your body, physically grabbing the torso and holding the driver in the seat. The car is powered by synthetic fuel, imagine if battery fluid can be replaced like fuel, in-turn recharging the batteries. Similar to producing electricity with coke, but specially designed and alot more potent.

Project Flake Concept Car - 01

Project Flake Concept Car - 02

via: pretending pretentious